Transport strike intensifies

The port authorities had reduced the congestion in Chittagong port to almost zero. At a time when many ports in the world are in turmoil, this port has set a precedent of day to day shipping at the jetty. In such a situation, the four-day transport strike called by the transport owners due to the rise in fuel prices has temporarily halted the success of the port.

The number of ships waiting to be anchored at the jetty outside the port stood at 10 till 7 pm on Tuesday. However, the day before the start of the strike, the ship did not have to wait for more than a day to reach the jetty. Although the strike was called off, its effects remained. Now a ship has to wait an extra one to three days to land at the jetty. It also takes traders one to three days to get the goods.

Abdullah Zahir, Chief Operating Officer of Saif Maritime Limited, a private shipping company, regularly reviews the condition of container vessels at the port. He said there was a record of no shipwreck in Chittagong port for several months in a row. That continuity could not be maintained due to the transport strike. However, by analyzing the rate of arrival of ships, it is expected that this pressure can be relieved within seven to ten days. It will be normal as before.

The port’s congestion has been reduced since the second week of August after the corona hit. As the pressure of ordinary cargo ships is less, the opportunity to reduce the congestion comes in the hands of the port. The pressure on the unloading jetty of common goods has also been reduced due to the directive to load the raw material of steel industry and old iron cruise ships at private jetties. Where 9 to 10 container ships were regularly loaded, it is possible to load 11 to 12 ships.

The transport owners started a transport strike last Friday in protest of the government’s hike in fuel prices. The strike was called off after a four-day meeting with the home minister on Monday night. During these four days, the import-export activities were almost at a standstill. The product could not be exported on time. Again the ship could not be anchored at the jetty.

If you want to know Chittagong Port Secretary. Omar Farooq said the pressure created by the transport strike would return to normal within a week. Ships also do not have to wait to be anchored at the jetty.

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