Three dozen companies closed on the stock exchange today

Trading in 37 companies will be closed in one day on Thursday. The trading of the companies will be closed today due to the record date of determining the ownership of the shares for the distribution of declared dividends. Those who have shares in their hands on the day of closing of transactions today will get the declared dividend of the companies.

Meanwhile, more than three dozen companies will have to wait until the end of the day to see if the impact of the closing of the transaction on the index and the transaction. Among the companies whose transactions will be closed today are companies with good fundamentals as well as companies with weak fundamentals. For this reason, market participants say that even if the transactions of 37 companies are closed, in the end, the index or the transaction may not have a very negative effect.

According to the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the major stock exchanges in the country, ACI Limited, ACI Formulation, BSRM Limited, BSRM Steel, Advent Pharma, Anwar Galvanizing, R&D, AJM, , Bengal Windsor, Coppertech, Desh Garments, DESCO, E-Generation, Evins Textile, Fine Foods, Genex Infosys, Golden Harvest, IT Consultants, JMI Syringe, K&Q, Khan Brothers PP Oven, Lube-Ref, Feed Mills, WiMAX, Olympic Industries, Pacific Denim, Paramount Textiles, Rahim Textiles, Saif Powertech, Sayham Textiles, Savar Refactories, Summit Alliance Port, Acme Laboratories, Unique Hotels and Jahin Text.

Market insiders say that in recent times, transactions of three dozen companies were not closed in a single day. Most of the companies whose transactions are closed today will have their annual general meeting or AGM next month. As a rule, if a company declares a bonus dividend, the bonus dividend is adjusted with the share price of the company concerned on the next working day after the record date. It shows that the share price of the company declaring bonus dividend is lower at the beginning of the next working day after the record date. However, the price fluctuates through the ups and downs of the day.

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