The most anticipated tech products of 2022

Many companies and investors are heading towards the world of technology in the new year. Some technologies are now at the center of interest. The US research institute Investment Monitor has highlighted some such sectors.

Artificial intelligence

There are many allegations against artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Even then, in 2022, this technology will be seen in a more practical role. In the outgoing year, the artificial intelligence market was worth 6.7 billion. In 2025, which will reach 19 trillion dollars. As a result, various organizations or investors can safely invest in it, various international organizations have suggested.


The Metaverse of the Facebook organization is a virtual world, where it is possible to communicate and share experiences with each other as real. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the amount of investment in the global Metaverse could exceed 80 trillion by 2024. Big technology companies have already started investing in it. In 2021, Meta itself has invested at least one trillion dollars in this sector.

Quantum computing

According to technology analysts, 2022 will be the year of quantum computing. However, there will be a crisis of skilled manpower.

Cloud computing

The cloud computing market will grow 13 percent this year compared to 2021. The amount will be about 61 billion dollars. This year the importance of cloud service will increase. However, data center security will be more important Besides, analysts have predicted an increase in investment in cyber security in 2022.

In addition, sectors such as fintech, cryptocurrency, electric vehicles, batteries, Five-G and robotics will be expanded in 2022. In 2020, the market for robotics was four and a half billion dollars. Which is expected to reach 56 trillion by 2030.

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