How did rapper and singer Aaron Carter die

Aaron Carter 2

Aaron Carter, a 34-year-old rapper and singer, has passed away. He was Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys’ younger brother. According to the website TMZ, Carter was discovered dead in his bath at his Lancaster, California, residence on Saturday morning.PA reported that team members confirmed his death. They stated, “Right now it’s a really bad … Read more

Aaron Carter’s Career Timeline

Aaron Carter

Pre-1997: Singing Lessons & First Band1997: First Solo Concert, Single & Album1998: Carter’s U.S. Debut2000: Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)2001: Lizzie McGuire, Broadway & Oh Aaron2002: Another Earthquake! & More2003: Most Requested Hits2004: 7th Heaven2005: Popstar and “Saturday Night“2009: Dancing With the Stars & “Dance With Me”2011: Back to Broadway in The Fantasticks2012: Rachael … Read more