Supporters made a 600 feet long flag of Argentina

The whole world is floating in the World Cup football frenzy. There is no end to the flag craze for the favorite team in Bangladesh. Qatar FIFA World Cup-2022 football game is at the doorstep.

In the meantime, the frenzy has started among the fans with their favorite teams. The flag of the favorite party is being decorated in the city, village, on the streets. As a part of that, the supporters of Argentina made a 600 feet long flag and hung it in the remote area of ​​Chatmohar Upazila in Pabna.

This huge flag was made by the pro-Argentina youth society of Baludiyar village of Parswdanga Union, a remote area of ​​Chatmohar Upazila in Pabna.

Argentinian supporters Farid Uddin, Al Amin Hossain, Salim Reza, Asaduzzaman Ukil told Samkal that they made this flag because they love their favorite team Argentina and their favorite player Messi. Their hope is that Messi will win the World Cup trophy by playing great this time.

The common people of the village applauded their initiative and love. The fans of Brazil also wished the fans of Argentina well.

Ataur Rahman, a supporter of Brazil from the same village, said, “I myself am a supporter of the Brazilian team.” But the work that the village youth are doing with love for Argentina is truly commendable. Thank them.

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