Stock market is still falling sharply

The stock market is declining every day. In Dhaka’s stock market, the index has increased by 8 points in just one day in the last 7 working days. Apart from this, the index decreased by 263 points in the remaining six working days. The DSEX, the main index of the DSE, declined by 56 points on Monday after the second working day of the week. The amount of transactions has also decreased. Today the transaction has been 1 thousand 75 crore. Yesterday it was 1 thousand 145 crore. Among the exchanged shares and mutual funds, 55 rose, 295 fell and 26 remained unchanged.

Stock market analyst Mohammad Helal Uddin thinks that the fall in the stock market is no longer tolerable. He thinks that measures should be taken now to stop the fall in the price of the stock market.

This professor of economics at Dhaka University said, Bangladesh Bank and Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission have differences of opinion on policy. Due to this, the sales trend is seen more among the big companies. This is one of the reasons for this fall.

Recently, there was a difference of opinion between Bangladesh Bank and BSEC regarding the change in the financial report of One Bank listed in the stock market. The BSEC directly opposed the directive of Bangladesh Bank to change the financial report of the private bank. The central bank has directed the banks to change their annual financial statements after holding the annual general meeting (AGM) and distributing dividends. But the private bank did not make any changes in its annual financial report. For this reason, the central bank fined One Bank. On the other hand, after all the procedures are completed, the BSEC directs the release of actual financial information. Such a decision was made by the central bank at the beginning. However, the relationship between the two organizations is no longer normal.

Asked what needs to be done to restore stability in the market, Mohammad Helal Uddin said the two sides should sit down for talks as soon as possible. Bangladesh Bank and BSEC need to address the policy conflict between the two sides. Then the big companies will lean towards buying again. Even if the top officials of BSEC are out of the country, immediate action needs to be taken to coordinate now. Cannot be delayed. Because, the strong position and stability of the financial and banking sector is directly and indirectly associated with the interests of the stock market.

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