SpaceX fired employees who opposed Musk

The American company SpaceX fired several employees who wrote and published an open letter criticizing the behavior of the head of the company Elon Musk. This is reported by The New York Times .

The publication refers to an internal letter from SpaceX COO Gwynn Shotwell. It says the company conducted its own investigation and “fired a number of employees involved in the publication.”

It is noted that the letter was not liked by some other employees of the company. Shotwell said the letter criticizing Musk made other workers “uncomfortable” and also angered because they “expressed views they do not support” on their behalf.

“We have so much important work ahead of us, so there is no need for such excessive activism,” added the SpaceX COO. It is not yet known exactly how many employees were fired from SpaceX. The company did not respond to the publication’s request.

Earlier, SpaceX employees prepared a letter to the company’s management condemning Musk’s behavior. The complaint described how Musk’s actions and recent allegations of sexual harassment against him “cause shame” and reflect on the company’s reputation.

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