“Slap for Meghan Markle”: who will get the jewelry of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II owned one of the largest and most expensive jewelry collections in the world. Who will get the famous royal brooches, necklaces and tiaras after her death.

According to Vanity Fair , the jewelry collectionElizabeth II dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria in the 1800s – it was she who began to collect jewelry as the British Empire expanded. After Victoria, Queen Mary continued to add to her collection, collecting extravagant items from her travels around the world, as well as making connections with jewelers and world leaders. Many of Mary’s jewels passed to her granddaughter, the future Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II.

Jewelry worn by Queen Elizabeth II is divided into two categories – the crown and the private collection of the monarch. The first ones were in trust management of Elizabeth, the second queen either bought herself, or received as an inheritance or as a gift.

According to Business Insider , after the death of Elizabeth II, an extensive part of the collection went along with the title to her eldest son Charles. Some of the decorations, including ceremonial jewels, will be put on public display in the Tower of London. The private collection of Elizabeth is expected to be given to members of the Windsor family.

“It is likely that she wanted to donate items from her private collection to her loved ones. The main part will go to Charles and Camilla, and then to Kate and William,” royal expert Josh Rom suggested in an interview with the New York Post .

According to him, Elizabeth II could bequeath part of the jewelry to those family members who already wore them. For example, the Cartier Halo diamond tiara, which is the property of the British crown and which Kate Middleton wore to her wedding to  Prince William , could go to the Princess of Wales.

“However, one thing is worth noting. If members of the royal family receive jewelry by will, they will have to pay inheritance tax, which is 40% of the cost. Given the value of some of them, it would be in the family’s interest to keep these items as part of the Crown collection and to “borrow” them for special occasions,” explained Josh Rome.

Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Seward believes that Elizabeth II had plans for who would get the jewelry after her death.

“I’m sure everything was organized and sorted by the Queen some time ago. I believe that Her Majesty’s personal jewelry will be transferred to different family members, but the lion’s share will go to the Princess of Wales, as the future queen, ”shared Ingrid Seward.

Some items, according to Seward, will remain in the possession of the wife of the reigning monarch – in this case, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

“She will need a large collection to support her new constitutional role,” she elaborated.

Royal biographer Cathy Nicholl adds that all of Elizabeth II’s jewels will be distributed among family members according to the hierarchy.

“The queen consort really gets the first choice of the queen’s jewels. After her – Princess Catherine of Wales. The Duchess of Sussex, I’m sure at some point will receive some jewelry, but she is much lower in rank, ”said Katie Nicholl.

At the same time, an OK Magazine source claims that in the summer of 2022, Elizabeth II made some changes to her will that could come as a “shocking surprise” for her heirs.

“She focused on her favorite things and who of the heirs deserved what. The likely recipient of the collection of three hundred pieces of jewelry will be Kate Middleton, as she was clearly the Queen’s favorite. But Camille, despite the title, may not get anything from Elizabeth’s personal collection. Of course, the queen never said that, but this is one of the reasons why Camilla was offended by Kate, ”the insider said.

It is noted that Meghan Markle and her daughter Lilibet, most likely, will not receive anything of value, since they are not current members of the royal family.

“This will be a real slap in the face for Meghan. But there is an opinion that this will be the last message of Elizabeth Megan and Harry – you reap what you sow, ”he added.

Yana Demchenko, royal editor and author of the Everybody loves Diana Telegram channel , believes that there are about three hundred pieces of jewelry in the private collection of Elizabeth II. We are talking about those jewels that the monarch can dispose of at his own discretion, without the obligation to transfer to the next king and queen.

“In this regard, a real war has unfolded in the tabloids, and the authors declare Katherine, then Camilla, then other representatives of the Windsor dynasty to be the “royal favorite”, arguing that all the other relatives of the monarch will, of course, be offended. Here we can only say that these are pure conjectures, and we are unlikely to be able to find out the details of Her Majesty’s personal will in our lifetime – as a rule, they are carefully classified, ”says Yana Demchenko.

She also talks about Elizabeth’s possible personal preferences. According to the editor, the queen would hardly have left her only daughter, Princess Anne, without an elegant gift.

“Although the royal princess, who devoted most of her life to equestrian sports, is quite restrained and practical, she always skillfully wore jewelry of any kind,” Demchenko emphasized.

According to her, Elizabeth also had another favorite – her younger daughter-in-law Sophie. It is possible that the Queen of Wessex could have left one of the pieces of jewelry donated by her husband – after all, in the future she may become the Duchess of Edinburgh, and it was this title that Elizabeth shared with her husband before her accession to the throne.

“It is unlikely that the monarch would offend her granddaughters – Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Lady Louise. They could well get sentimental jewelry that has a symbolic meaning for the family. By the way, it is possible that not only her relatives, but also friends could be indicated in the will of the sovereign, ”concluded Demchenko.

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