Shipwrecked factory declared closed indefinitely

The VAT Commission has seized all the documents and computers of four shipbreaking factories at Bhatiari in Sitakunda, Chittagong on charges of VAT evasion. The raid was carried out at the head offices and factory offices of the factories from noon to 8.30 pm on Tuesday.

The Bangladesh Shipbreakers and Recyclers Association (BSBRA), an organization of shipwreck owners, has announced indefinite closure of all shipbreaking factories in Sitakunda in protest of the incident.

BSBRA Assistant Secretary Nazmul Islam informed about the decision of the organization on his mobile phone around 9 pm on Tuesday. About 20,000 workers have lost their jobs due to the closure of shipwrecks. The seized factories are Bhatiari Steel Shipbreaking Yard, Premier Trade Corporation, Mahinur Shipbreaking Yard and SN Corporation.

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