Server complexity will soon be reduced: Evaly

Shamima Nasreen, the co-founder and former chairman of the company, said that the server of the e-commerce company Evaly will be launched soon.

She gave this information in a virtual press conference on Thursday (October 6) afternoon.

The business plan was formally presented at the press conference for the first time after Evaly was launched under the new leadership of Shamima Nasreen under the direction of the court. Also the company’s previous orders, refunds and deliveries are highlighted.

Evaly’s server id is lost

In the press conference, Shamima Nasreen said, I will return the previously ordered products and refund money. That’s why we need to open the server first. The server ID and code is a complex number. It is not a matter of memorization or memorization. This has become complicated as the ID has been lost.

SHe said, we are in contact with Amazon in this regard. It would have been easier if our former MD Russell had stayed out. But now that he is in jail, the whole process has become complicated. But it is expected to be resolved soon.

In response to another question, Evaly’s co-founder said the server password was in the MD’s desk drawer locker in the office. When the new board took over everything fell apart. Passwords are also lost along with various documents. We did not know anything about what happened in the office at that time. And we did not understand that such a situation would arise.

Old orders will be placed first after the server is up and running

Shamima Nasreen said that the previous orders and products will be given gradually after the server is launched.

In response to a question, she said, the password was given to someone for our security. But we lost it because we lost it. Now trying to recover it by contacting Amazon. But Russell ran all our activities with Amazon. So it can be done easily if he is bailed.

It is very easy to invest in Evaly: Shamima Nasreen

The co-founder of the company, Shamima Nasreen, thinks that it is possible to invest easily in Evaly. She also thinks that there is an opportunity to manage the business properly.

Shamima Nasreen said, we think that domestic and foreign investment can easily come if Evaly’s 45 lakh buyers and 30 thousand sellers make regular purchases for their daily needs. As many of you may be aware, we have previously talked to investors looking to invest in Evaly. I strongly believe that if we have the opportunity to manage our business properly, it will be possible to get investment very easily.

She said, “In some cases, we have admitted the errors in the business policy and asked for six months for the delivery of the dues and all the pending orders.” But before we got that time, we were arrested in cases related to late payment and check dishonor.

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