Oppo caught after 4 years for tax evasion!

Smartphone maker Oppo has been accused of evading import duty in Bangladesh. Although the incident took place in 2018, an investigation earlier this year found a case of tax evasion. The last notice was issued about two months ago against the company.

According to the notice, Oppo has evaded more than Tk 46 lakh.

According to sources, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department has received secret information that oppo Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co evaded customs through under-invoicing and other irregularities while importing mobile sets. They later conducted a search operation. The investigating officer submitted a report. The report alleges tax evasion.

Citing the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (BTRC), the notice stating the reasons for the claim states that in 2018, Oppo imported (1803 model) 2000 mobile sets by concealing information. Although the company was verbally asked to submit all the bills of entry of the mentioned model in this regard, the company did not submit the information.

By importing additional handsets, Oppo violates Section-32 of the Mobile Handset Customs Act, 1989, by evading customs and tax evasion.

It is learned that the taxable price per unit of the model described in 2018 was 96 US dollars, the Tax rate was 28.5%, and the exchange rate was Tk 83.00. As such, the taxable value is one crore sixty-two lakh fifty-six thousand three hundred and fourteen Tk and the amount of Taxes leviable is forty-six lakh thirty-three thousand and forty-nine Tk.

Meanwhile, a show-cause notice was sent to the company within 30 working days to explain why the necessary legal action would not be taken to recover the amount.

However, Oppo Bangladesh Communication Equipment Co. did not respond within the stipulated time and another show cause notice was issued recently. The notice asked the accused company to respond within 7 working days. If no reply is received within this period, legal action will be taken against the company based on the documents kept.

The Commercial Post contacted the Oppo authorities by e-mail and mobile phone to find out about this. However, Oppo authorities did not comment on the matter.

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