Logan Paul claims he sustained severe damage to his knee ligaments

This weekend’s widely acclaimed WWE performance by Logan Paul has been costly.

Paul, a former YouTuber who has dabbled in boxing and pro wrestling, made the announcement on social media on Saturday night that he tore an MCL, meniscus, and possibly an ACL during his WWE main event match earlier in Saudi Arabia.A picture of Paul elevating and icing his right knee was included with the announcement.

After nearly 25 minutes, the defending champion, Roman Reigns, won the match for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship.Paul wrote that he tore his knee halfway through the fight, which also featured Jake, Paul’s brother and a former YouTuber who beat Anderson Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion, in a pro boxing match last week.

Given that this was only Paul, 27,’s third pro wrestling match, his performance against Reigns received glowing reviews.He made a risky move when he jumped from the top rope onto Roman Reigns, who was lying on a table outside the ring while Paul was filming with his left hand on his cellphone.Paul is signed to WWE, but not as a full-time performer, and he made his WWE debut at WrestleMania in April.

Paul fought Floyd Mayweather in an unannounced exhibition boxing match that took place in June 2021.

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