How to charge your phone in winter

To make your phone last much longer, you need to take good care of it, and pay special attention to its battery. In short, you just need to properly put the phone on charge.

For example, charging the device throughout the night is one of the main enemies of gadgets. And with the onset of winter, another one appears – this is cold. Therefore, there were some “rules” for charging the phone in winter.

How to properly charge your phone in winter

Experts advise after the phone has been in the cold, it needs to be warmed up before charging it. It is worth noting that in the summer the rule works the other way around – the phone needs to be cooled down to avoid overheating of the gadget. The ideal ambient temperature should not be lower than +10 and not higher than +40 degrees.

Also, in order for the battery to last longer, it is important to select a charger with the appropriate number of amperes and use the charger of the same brand. And besides, a complete discharge negatively affects the operation of the smartphone.

You should not keep your mobile in your pocket for a long time , otherwise it will heat up to your body temperature, and this is too warm for the device. We also wrote why the smartphone gets very hot during charging and how to fix this problem.

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