How often should your hair be washed?

It depends.Experts say that while washing hair is a simple process, it can be hard to figure out how often to wash it.

Experts say that a person’s overall hair health and hygiene are affected by their hair texture and oil production levels.

According to certified trichologist and CEO of the Salt Lake City, Utah-based hair topper company Thin Hair Thick, Tiffany Young, examining the skin can help determine how frequently to wash one’s hair.

Young stated to Fox News Digital, “Sebaceous glands will often determine how frequently you should wash your scalp.”

She went on to say, “Your face is a good indicator of how your scalp behaves if you are unsure of your skin type.”

Young says that people with oily skin will probably need to wash their hair more often than people with dry skin.
Young stated, “Your scalp will likely require the same treatment if you find yourself washing your face daily due to oil production.”

Young says that curly and textured hair tend to be drier and can go up to five days without washing, but it also depends on a person’s hormone levels and level of physical activity.

Young stated, “However, the same is not true for thinning and fine hair textures.”Every few days, people with thin or fine hair will likely notice an oily scalp.This is because there are fewer hair follicles to absorb the oil production and the hair’s texture does not absorb oil like curly hair does.In this instance, it is acceptable to wash your hair every other day.

Young said that when washing hair, it’s important to focus the shampoo on the “scalp area” and avoid spreading it all over the hair shaft, which could cause fine hair to dry out too much.

According to Dr. Nadir Qazi, a cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, and the founder of Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, a dermatology and plastic surgery clinic in Irvine, California, washing one’s hair is an essential part of a routine for maintaining one’s hair because it “promotes good scalp health and cleans the hair.”

According to Qazi, who spoke with Fox News Digital, hair that is not washed can accumulate oil, dirt, dandruff, styling products, and other debris.

According to Qazi, the accumulation “can trap fungus and bacteria on the scalp and lead to fungal acne, blocked pores, and blocked sebaceous glands.”Additionally, it may increase hair loss, tangles, and broken hair.

According to Qazi, hair that hasn’t been washed in a long time can start to smell, look greasy, and attract insects.

Based on various hair textures, the following is advice for washing hair:

According to Qazi, straight hair can be washed every two to three days because it tends to become oily more quickly.
Qazi stated, “Using a volumizing shampoo will assist in adding body to straight hair.”

Qazi suggests using a light conditioner after a shampoo to prevent straight hair from appearing heavy or feeling greasy.
Qazi claims that wavy hair textures can be washed every two to three days.

Qazi advised, “Make sure to condition the hair without weighing down the roots by adding conditioner to just the ends of the hair. Moisture is still essential for wavy hair.”

Qazi recommends using shampoos without sulfates and avoiding heat drying if frizzing is a concern.

Qazi claims that curly hair can be washed every one to five days and comes in a variety of textures.

Qazi advised against shampoos that contain harsh chemicals and strong scents so that the hair does not become dry and brittle.To avoid damaging the curls, use a wide-tooth comb and avoid heat and brushes.

Co-washes, which are specially formulated cream cleansers, are preferred to conventional shampoos for curly hair because they “condition the hair more as it cleanses,” according to Qazi.
However, he makes the observation that not all curly hair can tolerate co-washing, and he only suggests switching cleansing products “if possible.”

According to Qazi, kinky or tightly coiled hair textures can last the longest between washes because they require more moisture to maintain their health.

Qazi suggests that unusual coily hair be washed each five to seven days in the event that an individual has a functioning way of life or “each seven to 10 days or somewhere in the vicinity” in the event that an individual has a stationary way of life.

Qazi stated, “Use a mild cleanser like a co-wash followed by a conditioner to restore any moisture lost during cleansing to maintain adequate moisture levels.”

He explained, “The ingredients that dry out the hair, like sulfates and parabens, don’t often come from co-washes.”Instead, they cleanse and moisturize the hair without removing its natural oils.

Qazi stated to Fox News Digital, “People and their hair are different.”One person’s preferences may differ from another’s.Try a variety of approaches to determine which ones are successful and which are unsuccessful.

Qazi said that washing your hair too much is also bad for your hair’s health.

Qazi stated, “Shampoo is a mild detergent with surfactants that break up the surface tension in water.”They attract and hold dirt and debris, making it simpler to clean them up.

He went on to say, “These cleansers and surfactants work well on hair.”However, excessive use results in a dry, irritated scalp, more dandruff, and itchy skin.When sebum is removed from the hair, it can also become dull and frizzy because it loses essential moisture and protection.

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