Find Your Twitter Friends on Mastodon

You already know that Twitter is a strange place right now.The majority of posts on my timeline make me feel like I’m in the week before graduation, with people talking about their plans for the future and sharing their favorite memories. Other websites, such as the open-source and decentralized Mastodon, are attracting a lot of Twitter users.

There is no one Mastodon site; rather, anyone can set up a server if they want to.However, the nice thing is that you can follow users even if they aren’t on your server.Although the outcome is messy, it allows smaller communities to set their own rules and remain connected to the larger community.

I won’t repeat the steps we took to get started with Mastodon a few years ago.However, once you have created an account, you might be wondering if you can locate any of your Twitter friends.Here are a few ways to accomplish that:

Search for Twitter Accounts

The majority of Twitter users who have created a Mastodon account include a link to it on their Twitter page.You can locate them by using Twitter’s search function.Type the word “Mastodon” into the search bar on

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Now select “Search filters” by clicking the three dots that are located right of the search bar.You can limit your search to only people you follow from this point on.

You can now scroll through tweets from followers who have mentioned Mastodon, and the majority of them will also include a link to their page.Those results will even be displayed in reverse chronological order if you select the “Latest” tab.This is how I discovered a few of my Twitter friends.

You can use a few additional search terms, such as the hashtag #TwitterMigration, which is being used by some individuals.Other people might spell Mastodon as “Mastadon,” so you might also try looking for that.Check back in a month or so—assuming this isn’t a one-time occurrence, more people might sign up for accounts.

Services That Can Locate Accounts

Although the aforementioned method is likely to locate the majority of individuals, there are a few services that you can try out if you are dissatisfied.You can sign in with Twitter and Mastodon on the first one, Twitodon.It will look through your Twitter followers to see who has also signed in with both services, and it will give you a list of those people.There’s no reason not to give this service a shot, though I doubt it will find anyone who didn’t tweet a link to their Mastodon profile.

Without ever tweeting about it, some Twitter users add a link to their Mastodon page to their bio.Fedifinder can aid in their discovery.This app looks at every Twitter user you follow’s profile and shows you any Mastodon accounts, no matter which server they’re on.This is how I found a few people, and you might too.

Find Other Interesting People to Follow

The sad reality is that the majority of Twitter users do not currently have Mastodon accounts.That might alter, but for the time being, you probably need to find new people to follow.The good news is that there are a few different approaches.

I’d start by following the account @[email protected], which posts daily recommendations for new people to follow.After that,, which looks like Yahoo’s directory from the late 1990s, is one you should check out.In essence, you can look through an index of interesting accounts in a variety of fields to follow.Trunk is a similar website that provides lists of interesting accounts.This led me to a lot of interesting accounts that I could follow.

To me, Mastodon is Linux’s equivalent of a social network.That might come across as an insult to some, but I mean it as a compliment.The internet is becoming more and more corporate.Utilizing a service that doesn’t feel like a dopamine trap but rather like a tool is a refreshing change.I don’t plan to delete my Twitter account anytime soon because I want to keep posting links to my articles. However, I think I’ll spend more time scrolling on Mastodon rather than Twitter.Think about joining me.

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