Fan expressing concern regarding the disturbing tiktok video of Madonna

Madonna posted a video on TikTok on Friday showing her twerking and bouncing around in lingerie amid ongoing concern among fans regarding her “disturbing” social media posts.

In the video, the 64-year-old singer of “Like a Virgin” danced to the song “L$D” by Luclover while sporting a fishnet tights, black high-waisted underwear, and a black lace bra.

The Queen of Pop began jiggling her waist and once adjusted her underwear after staring at the camera for a few seconds.

She then started twerking, turned to the camera to show off her “bubble butt,” and stuck her tongue out to lick her lips.

The pop icon’s concerns were immediately voiced by fans in the comments section.

“This Madonna is not the one I know.“,” a supporter wrote.
Another person stated it bluntly, “Someone stage an intervention.”

Everything I’ve ever known seems to be just one big lie to me.This is crushing to the soul,” a user added.

By writing things like “Blink if you need help” and “Starting to scare me now,” others contributed.I mean, why?and “Madonna no longer exists. I have no idea who this person is.”

In the meantime, some fans argued that Madonna ought to be free to post whatever she pleases.

One devoted fan made the observation, “Say what you want about Madonna, but she is a legend.”

Madonna has always sparked debate.Why did you all believe that she would age?Love her!”Another made the observation, and a third TikTok user added, “She’s such a vibe.”I want to be this free, full of life, and not giving a damn when I’m her age.

Fans have been wondering about the “Hung Up” singer’s health as a result of her recent TikTok activity.

When Madonna posted a video of herself lip-syncing lyrics about punching people in the “mother f–king face” last week, it caused concern.

In October, the “Vogue” singer also appeared to come out as gay on the popular platform, but she has not elaborated on the video.Madonna bizarrely admitted in a separate video that she was not circumcised.

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