Customers get their money back beginning of the year

Since the beginning of the new year (i.e. January), customers have been getting their money back from a dozen e-commerce companies, including Evaly, Dhamaka shopping and E-Orange etc.

The customer’s money of the companies is stuck in the payment gateway. In this situation, the Ministry of Commerce has taken initiative to return Tk 214 crore to the affected customers. In the meantime, the customer will get back the money stuck in the gateway of the company which is out of the case from January. This information has been known from the sources of the Ministry of Commerce.

According to sources, on December 15, Bangladesh Bank instructed the payment gateways to start refunding the money of the e-commerce companies stuck in the escrow service. But there are complications against e-commerce companies. So a letter was sent to the police headquarters last week to inform the ministry of all the cases against the e-commerce companies within seven days for the release of this money.

After receiving this information, the customer will start paying from the first week of January. The matter of Evaly, the most talked-about e-commerce company, is being looked after by a committee constituted by the High Court. The committee is headed by former Justice HM Samsuddin Chowdhury Manik. The committee will give their observations on how the issue of Evaly will be settled.

Commerce Ministry officials said the digital commerce cell has been linked to the import and internal trade division. This wing is working on it intensively. The cabinet department sought their views on seven issues and the report was given in three meetings on November 11. As well as a technical committee has worked on it. There was also a meeting about it last week. The Digital Commerce Cell is working on how to pay the customer. Discussions are being held with all parties to return the remaining money to the customer.

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