Customers are going to be my priority: Rajeev Sethi

Narrating his priorities as Robi’s CEO, Rajeev Sethi confirmed that customers are going to be his priorities and to this end, his focus will be to ensure quality of service that the customers are going to feel satisfied with.

He made these remarks while meeting the telecom reporters at the Robi Corporate Office today. During this cordial meeting he shared his thoughts on how he plans to lead Robi in the coming days.

“Our approach will be that of an operator who listens to customers, and acts on them, without making outlandish promises that can’t be kept. We will give high priority on ensuring quality of service that helps customers to enjoy a smooth digital lifestyle.” he clarified.

Highlighting Robi’s leadership in 4G, he said: “50.9% of Robi’s total subscribers (5 Crore 44 lakhs), are now 4G users, and 67.3% of data users are 4G users. Robi also has the highest percentage (75.5%) of data users (4 Crore 11 lakhs) in its network. Robi ensures 98.2% population coverage of its 4G network with more than 15,219 4G sites.”

Commenting on his interaction with the Government stakeholders, he said: “I am very encouraged to see the proactive stance of the Government towards the sector. I would especially like to thank the Government for taking initiatives for leveling the playing field for all the operators in the market. We have been making the largest capex investment in the industry for the last seven years; once the playing field levels out, it will only encourage the shareholders to continue investing heavily.”

Reflecting on Robi’s strengths in digital innovation he highlighted that: “Robi is building the first ever four tier data center from the private sector at the Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park in Jashore. We have also been recognized as the best operating company of Axiata when it comes to AI maturity index for three years in a row. We have recently launched a new Enterprise Business brand- “Robi for Business” keeping in mind the need for innovative digital solutions in the country’s enterprise sector. bdapps, an appstore pioneered by Robi has been recognized as the national Appstore by ICT Division. 52% of interaction with the customers happens through our single app, My Robi and My Airtel every month. Besides, 38% of our total recharge is done over digital platforms. Therefore, we have a very robust launching pad to embark on the next phase of our growth in the digital era.”

Robi’s focus area for Corporate Social Responsibility will be to ensure net zero emission by 2050. In this backdrop, Robi is embracing renewable energy to power its telecom network. Robi will also work towards making significant impact in the county’s burgeoning digital education domain, he added.

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