Croctober: How you can get free Crocs pair

Croctober: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Crocs, the footwear brand is giving away thousands of free pairs of the foam clogs. The footwear company Crocs is giving away thousands of free pairs of its foam clogs to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

In a news release, the company stated that the “Free Pair For All” shoe giveaway would include the distribution of tens of thousands of pairs of Crocs.

How you can get a free Crocs pair?

Until Friday, October 7, the daily giveaways will be available.You must sign up for emails and join the Crocs Club, which is free, to participate.

Do you know! What are the most comfortable shoes for schoolchildren in Germany?

There are no special requirements for the appearance of schoolchildren in Germany. There is only a wish that the child looks neat, clean and dressed according to the weather.

If you give the child a choice, then, most likely, girls will choose shoes, sandals or ballet flats for school, and boys will choose sneakers or sneakers. But if we consider school shoes through the prism of convenience, it is better if the child goes to class in shoes that will provide high-quality thermoregulation and that will be comfortable to wear.

From the point of view of experienced parents, these are crocs, flip-flops, sandals and closed or open Velcro shoes.

Parents of elementary school students vote for Crocs. If you choose shoes from a famous manufacturer, then there is a regular and insulated version, if it suddenly gets a little cold at school. This is relevant in the context of the energy crisis that has swept Europe.

In addition, children love the bright colors of these shoes and the variety of decorations for them. But it is worth considering that there are children (and, in principle, adults) to whom crocs seem ridiculous. A child who is dissatisfied with his appearance may be less willing to go to school.

With what and where to wear crocs for men and women?

These are versatile shoes that will be appropriate not only on the beach. Crocs have firmly entered our lives, and for good reason. These shoes are not only practical, but also comfortable. Feet do not sweat in it, they almost do not slip on the leg, on the wet floor or on the ground. Due to the shape of the sole, the legs do not get tired in them, and due to the numerous holes and free parts in the cut, they also ensure relatively free breathing of the skin of the legs.

Moreover, many celebrities and media personalities began to appear in them at fashion events. Even some American ex-presidents are seen getting out of the car in Crocs.

Crocs fit perfectly into the streat-casual style concept, so it is quite appropriate to wear them:

For shopping;
Hiking in parks, entertainment centers;
For sporting events;
For outdoor games and trips with children;
In the pool, on the beach, on a yacht trip and for any water recreation.

In the case of shopping or water-beach holidays, crocs can be combined with any common clothes, for girls even with dresses, both plain and printed. The main thing is that the cut of the dress is not binding, and the color of the dress itself goes well with crocs.

For hiking and entertainment, crocs will go well with shorts, breeches, pixie trousers, shirts and loose blouses. At the same time, a variety of accessories are acceptable, they are also preferred from plastic materials, for example, bags and briefcases made of textiles, backpacks made of dense fabric or artificial materials, hats, caps and berets of various styles.

Crocs will look great with jeans of any style, especially if they are the same color – in this combination, the legs will look slimmer and longer. Any vests and capes – boleros, lightweight cardigans with and without sleeves – will perfectly complement jeans with crocs.

Men adhering to casual or classics can wear crocs even with classic summer trousers, it is simply desirable that the crocs be the same tone with them, and preferably the same color, so the set looks more noble.

For sports events or outdoor games with children or in companies, you can wear crocs with a tracksuit or the same shorts and a T-shirt. Such an outfit will be not only comfortable and appropriate, but also very attractive.

Crocs: unexpected success and business around the world

The American company Crocs produces albeit simple, but very comfortable clog shoes made of crosslight polymer material. In contact with the warm skin of the foot, the material changes shape and follows the curves of the foot, which makes walking comfortable. Although the brand appeared in 2002, that is, it is only 21 years old, it has already gained worldwide popularity. The company was founded in California by three friends – Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson and George Boedeker.

All of them were businessmen. Bodeker owned the Oregon Food Concepts fast food restaurant chain, Hanson was a computer hardware salesman, and Seamans had a photography equipment company. The idea to start a clog business came from Scott Seamans in 2002. Shortly before this, during a walk on a yacht, he paced the deck in rubber waterproof galoshes from the Canadian company Foam Creations, they were very comfortable because they did not slip on a wet surface. After experiencing the benefits of this shoe, Scott met with friends and shared his idea to produce a similar shoe in the United States.

They did not think about the design, believing that the most important thing is the material, so they chose it for a long time, reviewing many options. We settled on a polypropylene foam resin base. The partners named the first shoe model Beach and presented 200 pairs at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida. It was a complete success, all the shoes were sold out, especially since the price was small – $ 30. In a short time, they began to be worn not only by sailing enthusiasts, but also by those who spend a lot of time on their feet: cooks, surgeons, sellers and others.

Encouraged by the success of Seamans, Hanson and Bodeker formed a company and named it Crocs because their shoes looked like a crocodile. During the year, sales amounted to almost 80 thousand pairs, but could not cover the cost of production, which at the end of 2003 amounted to more than a million dollars. However, the partners did not give up and increased the volume of trade. To reduce the cost of Crocs, they decided to acquire the company from which they bought the crosslight, which became the main feature of the clog, for $5.2 million. To do this, they had to apply for a bank loan.

Nevertheless, the deal helped and in 2004 the company’s sales grew 10 times compared to the previous year, in 2005 6 million pairs of Crocs were sold in the US and Europe. But the founders were aiming for more, so in 2006 Crocs went public on the NASDAQ. Its capitalization at that time was $940 million, the value of this share was $21, and the amount of funds raised was $207 million. At that time, the company had more than 6 thousand stores in America and 1.5 thousand outlets in 40 countries around the world. The lineup consisted of 11 items. Crocs were worn by Google founder Sergey Brin, Michelle Obama, Jack Nicholson and Helen Mirren, Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and other celebrities.

In 2007, Crocs bought two companies for $5.5 million: leather and ethylene vinyl acetate shoe maker Ocean Minded and Bite Footwear, which made and sold sandals, for $1.75 million.

A year later, Crocs entered the Russian market, and also bought its South African distributor Tidal Trade for $4.6 million and Tagger International BV, a company registered in the Netherlands, which manufactures bags for couriers.

But the growth of the business was followed by a recession, the company ended 2008 with a loss of $185.1 million due to large investments in business development, which could not be covered by income from the sale of Crocs. The company had to cut 2,000 workers in the US. Although analysts said that buyers began to lose interest in clogs, plus, because of their durability, buyers could not buy new pairs for several years.

The trend lasted until 2013, following which the company’s net income decreased by 42.5% compared to the previous year, and shares fell by 20.2% in one day. In January 2014, Blackstone, an investment company that specializes in working with distressed assets, acquired a 13% stake in Crocs for $200 million. The company changed the CEO, Gregg Ributt became it, and the president. The new person in this position is Andrew Rees, who has worked in retail for 25 years. Together they implemented strategic changes at Crocs. The restructuring plan included cutting staff, abandoning unpopular Crocs models, and closing almost 100 unprofitable retail stores. The new top managers decided to return to the line of the classic Crocs model, which once made the company popular.

In August 2017, the company announced that it would completely outsource production to contractors, with sales of over $1 billion. In the fall of 2019, the investment company Piper Jaffray presented a ranking of the most popular shoe brands among teenagers, Crocs took seventh place in it.

In 2019, the company launched a campaign with popular artists. For example, Crocs has created exclusive models together with famous musicians and artists. Crocs from the first collaboration with the American rapper Post Malone, whose Instagram account has more than 20 million subscribers, sold out in ten minutes. In December of the same year, the fourth joint line of the rapper and Crocs was released, which was also instantly sold out. In February 2020, at New York Fashion Week, Crocs and KFC presented clogs with fried chicken embellishments and a matching scent. The shoes went on sale in the spring for $60 a pair.

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