Chattogram Customs seizes 75 baggage items imported evading tax

Chattogram Customs officials on Saturday seized 1,551 blankets, 483 pieces of prayer mats, 120 kilograms of cosmetics products, and 200 kilograms of electronics goods imported in the name of blanket fabrics for the export-oriented ready-made garment industry.

MGL Company Bangladesh Limited of Pabna Export Processing Zone imported the goods, Chattogram customs house deputy commissioner Md Sharfuddin Miah said.

The taxable value of the seized consignment is about Tk20 lakh and the evaded tax is Tk 17 lakh, he said.

The company announced to import 8,400 kg of 100 per cent blankets fabrics for Readymade Garments Industry in 240 packages from Mauritius, said Sharfuddin Miah.

Based on secret information about the consignment, the customs official locked it in the ASYCUDA World System after the C&F agent Prottoy International on July 17 submitted a bill of entry to the Chattogram Custom House to unload the goods, according to the official.

During the checking, 75 items of dutiable baggage items including blankets, prayer mats, various types of cosmetics, and food were found instead of blanket fabrics as declared by the importer, Md Sharfuddin Miah said.

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