JU wins the CTO Forum Hackathon 2022 as champion


The grand finale and prize distribution of ‘CTO Forum Innovation Hackathon 2022’ organized by CTO Forum Bangladesh was held with the aim of finding solutions to six practical problems of creating Digital Bangladesh. Jahangirnagar University is the champion of this year’s event. On the afternoon of November 28 (Monday), the prizes were handed over to … Read more

Pakistan to move away from interest-based banking system


According to a report in the media, the Pakistani government made an abrupt decision on Wednesday to proceed with the establishment of an interest-free Islamic banking system and to withdraw appeals filed against it in the Supreme Court in the coming days. This was declared by Money Pastor Ishaq Dar on Wednesday, Samaa television announced. … Read more

Fan expressing concern regarding the disturbing tiktok video of Madonna


Madonna posted a video on TikTok on Friday showing her twerking and bouncing around in lingerie amid ongoing concern among fans regarding her “disturbing” social media posts. In the video, the 64-year-old singer of “Like a Virgin” danced to the song “L$D” by Luclover while sporting a fishnet tights, black high-waisted underwear, and a black … Read more

How often should your hair be washed?

hair wash

It depends.Experts say that while washing hair is a simple process, it can be hard to figure out how often to wash it. Experts say that a person’s overall hair health and hygiene are affected by their hair texture and oil production levels. According to certified trichologist and CEO of the Salt Lake City, Utah-based … Read more

People are just beginning to understand that men’s and women’s shirts have buttons on different sides

People are just beginning to understand that men's and women's shirts have buttons on different sides

Many people are still puzzled over the fact that men’s shirt buttons are on the right side and women’s buttons are on the left. “I just learned that the buttons on my shirt are on my right side for women and my left side for men.Wtf!!!!”exclaimed one Twitter user. “I learned that women’s shirts have … Read more

Why TikTokers are using electric milk frothers to whip their foundation


You can now incorporate your electric milk frother into your skincare routine as well as your morning coffee routine. TikTok users are combining their foundations with frothers, the kitchen appliance typically used for lattes, as part of a new beauty trend. Known as “makeup frothing,” devotees claim that it gives the skin a dewier, whipped … Read more

The rate of hospitalizations caused by the flu in the United States is the highest


The flu season in the United States has begun unusually quickly, adding to the mix of viruses that have been filling hospitals and doctor waiting rooms since autumn. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the hospitalization rate hasn’t been this high this early since the 2009 swine flu pandemic. Flu reports are … Read more

Contract rates drop somewhat as homebuyers explore ‘flighty scene’

Free blue house image, public domain shelter CC0 photo.

Rates for the 30-year contract dropped somewhat this week, yet the minor change won’t be sufficient to mix the real estate market alert, as per Freddie Macintosh. The typical rate for a 30-year fixed-rate contract declined to 6.95% for the week finishing Nov. 3, as indicated by Freddie Macintosh’s Essential Home loan Market Study. This … Read more