Beximco Pharma shares rise in news of corona drugs

Shares of Beximco Pharmaceuticals are rising in the capital market. The company’s share price has risen since the start of trading on Wednesday and by 12 noon the company’s share price has risen by Tk 6.30 or 2.82 percent. The transaction is 229 tk 60 paisa.

So far, 5 lakh 61 thousand 582 shares of the company have been exchanged.

At the end of yesterday’s transaction, the company’s share price stood at 223 tk 40 paisa.

After the UK approved the use of Malnupiravi in ​​the treatment of corona on November 4, several companies including SKF and Beximco Pharmaceuticals took the initiative to bring the drug to the market of Bangladesh. They applied to the Department of Drug Administration. SKF and Beximco Pharmaceuticals were later approved to market the drug Malnupiravi on an emergency basis. And the effect is seen in the share price of the company. Earlier, Beximco Pharma brought to Bangladesh the Oxford-AstraZeneca Corona vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India.

In this direction, the stock market has been showing a continuous upward trend since this morning. The main index of Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) DSEX has increased by 100 points till 12 noon.

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