Aaron Carter’s Career Timeline

Pre-1997: Singing Lessons & First Band
1997: First Solo Concert, Single & Album
1998: Carter’s U.S. Debut
2000: Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)
2001: Lizzie McGuire, Broadway & Oh Aaron
2002: Another Earthquake! & More
2003: Most Requested Hits
2004: 7th Heaven
2005: Popstar and “Saturday Night
2009: Dancing With the Stars & “Dance With Me”
2011: Back to Broadway in The Fantasticks
2012: Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off
2013: The After Party Tour
2015: The Music Never Stopped EP
2015-2016: “Fool’s Gold
2017: The LØVË EP
2018: LØVË, His Final Studio Album Before Passing
2022: Carter’s Latest Releases

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